Skills Development and the B-BBEE Codes

We are a facilitation centre that can help you and your staff undergo training and maximise the benefits obtained from your B-BBEE investment. Contact Gestalt Consulting and find out for Broader BBEE Compliance.

Since the first B-BBEE codes were implemented in 2003, there have been several amendments. Recent changes have resulted in more black-owned and run businesses, as well as a rapid growth in African women in management roles. Some of the most noticeable code changes are contributor status, measurable elements, priority elements, skills development expenditure and exempt micro-enterprises.

At ProudAfrique, we understand how these procedures can be overwhelming for businesses which want to become B-BBEE certified or improve their existing rating.


The University of the Free State Business School (UFSBS), which operates under the Centre for Business Dynamics (CBD), has partnered with ProudAfrique to help organisations eliminate the challenges of skills development in South Africa, helping to improve human capital and business innovation.

The UFSBS was founded to develop and deliver successful programmes, teach and share knowledge, convert learning into practice, coach at a campus as well as in an online environment, maximise individual potential and achieve exceptional results. It helps companies and individuals to stay competitive by bridging the gap between existing skills and competencies and those required for the industry.

From customised short courses and consultations to strategy and leadership development, organisations can choose between one-, two-, three- or four-month courses, depending on your business’s needs. Each course is strategically designed by a network of experts, which enables UFSBS to offer tailor-made organisational and personal development solutions for organisations across the country.

Employers can offer their staff a chance to obtain an NQF Level 5 qualification from UFSBS’s variety of online courses, all from the comfort of their own workplace. These courses include both academic and technical skills, giving employees the chance to grow their skills and improve their performance.

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Together with the modules that make up the Higher Certificate in Management Development (HCert) offered by the University of Free State Business School, we now offer the skills programmes that form part of the Diploma in Human Resource Management or the Diploma in Labour Relations offered by the Academy of York. 

 This is a fusion of academic learning and practical work. The learning is directly applied to the workplace by using client-based mentors and extensive workplace-based portfolio work and assignments. The selection of WLP’s will help companies to stay competitive by bridging the gap between existing skills and competencies. 

After successful completion of any of the skills programmes, the participant will receive an Academy of York accredited Skills Programme Certificate. The credits obtained for each of these programmes can be used towards either the Diploma in Labour Relations or the Diploma in Human Resources Management accredited by SABPP. 


In collaboration with Resolution Circle, we are now offering Category B Skills programmes for the Plastics Manufacturing, CNC and Injection Moulding Industries. 

 The plastics manufacturing industry is characterised by sophisticated manufacturing processes operating in a competitive and challenging environment. 

 These skills programmes focus on the range of learning required to satisfy the challenges of participating effectively in the plastics manufacturing and injection moulding industry.  

 After successful completion of any of the skills programmes, the participant will receive a Resolution Circle accredited Certificate of Competence. The credits obtained for each of these programmes can be used towards the National Certificate: Plastics Manufacturing NQF Level 4 and will set them on a career pathway to obtain a sought-after Artisan Qualification.  


Our career activation programmes are specialised training courses that form part of a learner’s skills development journey. As an extension of our career activation offering, our incredible partnering learning institutions have helped us make training opportunities possible for people living with disabilities.

This particular programme focuses on giving black individuals with disabilities the opportunity to develop their skills and receive meaningful employment opportunities in their industry of choice. Whether it’s on a supervisory NQF Level 4 or a junior role, we encourage businesses to invest in disabled individuals to give everyone a chance to contribute to South Africa’s economic growth.

The main objective of this course is to retain a learner until such a time that they can find employment. It’s important to note that any learner can both leave the programme at any stage, as well as continue with the programme until the attainment of their NQF Level 4 qualification.

Our clients who have worked with us on this programme have seen positive results, allowing them to earn benefits on their B-BBEE compliance and maximise their favourable tax rebates and incentives.

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This programme is for business owners who want their employees to learn more about supply chain and procurement through a short learning programme. This in-depth course will help individuals to engage in the processes and interactions that happen in a supply chain environment. It is also highly recommended for supply chain and procurement practitioners, both in private and public sectors, and individuals who would like to write the international Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) examination.

Supply chain and procurement knowledge are critical to anyone in operational and middle management positions or any learner who wishes to grow into this industry. The programme covers the basics of procurement and supply, sourcing, negotiating, contracting, the business needs in these departments, as well as managing relationships in procurement. If employees are already working in these environments, this course can improve their approach and add more value to their client relationships.

With the legalities around risk management and ethics covered in this course, businesses and learners can benefit from the value achieved through procurement and supply chain management. The course delivers an NQF Level 5 and consists of a blended approach between contact sessions and online learning. It’s ideal for individuals who want to grow their skills and strengthen their worth as an employee.

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One of the many business and management courses that ProudAfrique facilitates is a programme centred around transport and logistics. Businesses which operate in this sector can invest in a skills development programme for their management team and workforce to raise current skills levels, and provide companies and staff with future growth opportunities.

In this programme, learners and employees are able to learn more about the significant role transport and logistics play in the various supply chains of the economy. These include preparation, organising and budget planning. To ensure production runs smoothly, effectively and on budget, employees need to have the know-how to deliver on required objectives.

People who participate in this programme will also learn about the link between these two fields, which is especially important for companies where transport is a primary or secondary function of their overall business operations. Whether it’s heavy duty freight or passenger-related fields, individuals can specialise in their preferred sector, and focus on the basic management knowledge, skills, competencies and compliance around their line of transport or logistics management.

Programme participants will also learn a wide range of intellectual competencies and practical skills, highly recommended for any individual already in an operational, supply chain or personnel position in a business operating in this industry.

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This qualification was developed for the construction plant occupational area within the civil engineering and construction industry. This particular programme aims to provide a qualification for working individuals who already perform construction plant activities. Whether it’s for micro, small, medium or large operations, the programme covers a variety of work to ensure that each individual – employed or not – has the opportunity to reach their full potential and advance in their career.

Individuals can expect to learn a combination of vocational knowledge and skills for the civil engineering and construction environments. It will also equip learners with a foundation for further intellectual development, and the opportunity to gain employment and make a contribution to society.

The course also covers building topics, allowing tradesmen to advance and gain recognition in this field. Whether a course participant is a painter, tiler, mason plasterer, joiner, carpenter, roofer or self-employed, they will be exposed to the education needed, as well as a qualification to support the trade.

Once qualified, participants will be able to plan construction activities using mathematical principles, communicate with relevant persons about projects, establish work in a specific area and successfully execute construction activities. This is highly beneficial for business owners, knowing that their staff members are educated, trained correctly and have the knowledge required to succeed in the company.

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With ever-changing economic conditions across every industry, managers must have the knowledge and tools to overcome these challenges. While you might be working in a management role already or hoping to grow into one, identifying a problem and solving it with a realistic, practical solution is something that requires constant attention and work.

At ProudAfrique, we are firm believers in empowering employees and learners to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to be able to operate confidently in the South African community.

Our bespoke management programme consists of a comprehensive course, using psychometric tools, case studies and group discussions, that enables managers to challenge their current way of managing in the workplace. Our interactive approach gives learners the opportunity to better their people skills and drive better results, returning to their current role with refreshed ability and improved performance.

Any new manager wanting to succeed, existing managers who need a broader skill set or any individual who aspires to be a manager one day will find this course invaluable. ProudAfrique can assist with anything that is needed to run a business unit or department with our specialised programmes.

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It’s a digital world and it’s essential for individuals to have professional skills in computer technology and business communications. Regardless of your occupation, there will always be the need to operate a computer and communicate with clients or colleagues using the latest technology.

Our information and communication technology (ICT) programme is structured to allow learners the choice of a self-paced online training course or an interactive instructor-led classroom course. Whichever you prefer, our hands-on framework can assist in growing your skills and confidently pursuing various options in traditional IT departments, business communications or combined career opportunities.

Beyond the convenience of what information technology can bring to your personal life, employees need to have a clear understanding and knowledge of how to use the latest innovations to automate day-to-day tasks. This programme will help to save you time, improve your performance and create greater efficiency in the office. Being proficient in ICT can bring leadership opportunities and a chance to improve your employability in a digital world. These skills are always in demand, so it’s important for business owners to invest in their staff members’ abilities for the future success of the company.

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Our agriculture programme (AgriBEE) is structured to support Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) in the agricultural sector. This course aims to turn black South Africans into qualified workers so that farm owners can include these individuals in any agricultural activity on a farm.

In South Africa, it’s becoming compulsory for farm owners to engage in certain business transactions with an AgriBEE accreditation. Our programme will teach farm owners and their employees about the scorecard and competencies needed to unlock the business’s full potential in this sector, as well as teach farm owners how to manage a farm according to these regulations. Farm owners will also learn about the ways in which their business can plan and prepare to meet the targets set under the AgriBEE code.

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Our programme in tourism is highly recommended for anyone with little to no experience in this industry.

While it might seem like an exciting, stress-free career choice, there is much professionalism required when working in a consumer-facing sector. You will be required to learn about the different tasks and responsibilities that someone in tourism management, and the industry at large, will face on a daily basis.

The good news about this industry is the demand. Whether local or international tourism, working in one of the fastest growing industries will open many doors for those in this field. Once completed, participants will be able to explore a career in airlines, culture, hospitality, eco-tourism, events, catering, hotel management and tour operations, as each position requires a similar skill set to succeed.

Over time, course participants will also need to have a clear understanding of how to sell and market their services to the public, as they must ultimately generate and increase revenue for their employer. In some instances, you will need to make use of management skills to effectively coordinate activities for customers. Anyone who is confident and passionate about communication and travel will excel in this field. Even if participants do not have the skills to do so naturally, they will learn them with us.

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Our introductory internship programmes allow college, university, high school and post-graduate learners the opportunity to learn and understand the workings of an industry before they decide to pursue a particular line of work. At ProudAfrique, we encourage organisations to give everyone equal opportunities, as well as giving students the opportunity to learn more about their industry of choice.

The exchange of services for workplace experience is between a student and an employer. It can benefit your company in a number of ways, for one, the student is able to give your company a new perspective on your current operations, and two, you’re able to get to know an employee and mould them into the ideal employee you want to add value to your company in the long-term.

Internships are also beneficial to the students themselves. They give participants the stepping stones needed to start a career, as well as give students a valuable opportunity to take what has been learned while studying (theoretical knowledge) and apply it in a working environment (practical knowledge).

Participants will be able to network with employees from various departments and industries, gain important feedback about performance and get a feel for workplace likes and dislikes. Experience is vital for every industry, so committing to a ‘learning’ experience is worthwhile. It is also an opportunity for companies to do their part by contributing to employment. As an employer, invest in an internship programme today and make a positive change for a better tomorrow – and a healthier economy.

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